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How To Choose A Dining Table? 8 Purchase Tips To Avoid Stepping On The Pit!

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The dining table is an important piece of furniture that we often use. We can use it as a place to eat, but also a place for family gatherings and homework. Plus, it can be the best centerpiece in your home, where you can gather, chat, and have fun with family and friends. But how can we find great dining tables?

Dining tables should not only allow diners to sit comfortably, but also provide have enough space to move around. If you don’t know how to choose the perfect dining table, then take a look at our dining table selection guide below!

What factors should be considered when choosing a table for a restaurant.

1. Budget

This is the first thing we must consider before buying a dining table. In general, we will have a table budget range, and it is recommended to choose a table with the lowest budget at the beginning of the purchase, because it is difficult for us to control the budget increase.

2. Dining table size

One of the mistakes most people make when buying a dining table, is choosing a dining table that is too small or too big. We have to decide which size is right for our dining space and family. A good dining table has to be big enough to visually control and fill the space. It also has to leave about 120cm in large spaces, about 90cm in normal spaces, and in smaller spaces it should be about 60cm from the nearest wall.

The width of the dining table of 76cm is the standard size, at least not less than 70cm, otherwise the family members will easily touch each other’s feet when the dining table is too narrow.

The width of the table should not exceed 120 cm, as it is difficult for anyone to reach the center when dining.

3. The size of the restaurant

The table size we choose must also correspond to the size of the restaurant. To determine the size of the table, we can also imagine how the table will be arranged.

4. Dining table height

You also have to consider the height of the table you are going to choose. Many dining tables range in height from 70cm to 80cm. However, the best dining tables must provide a high level of comfort by allowing sufficient space between the knees and thighs.

5. Shape

The shape of the dining table and legs will have a major impact on how it works and how it looks in the dining room. Some shapes we can consider when choosing the best dining table are:

Square Table

A square dining room with a fresh and clean shape. In many cases, square tables are suitable for long and narrow rooms because they provide the right proportions and look very elegant.

Rectangle Table

Rectangular dining tables are one of the common dining table types and are suitable for any room. These tables are available in various widths, making them very practical for both narrow and wide rooms. Many rectangular dining tables are detachable or retractable, so they can easily be used for any scene from small family dinners to larger gatherings. At the same time, the popularity of rectangular table tops in the market means that rectangular dining tables have more style options than other table top shapes such as square or round.

Round Table

This is also the best table shape we can choose, especially for small restaurants. The good thing about it is that it is flexible and can be placed on odd or even numbered tables and chairs.

Oval Table

If our dining space is a little tight, an oval tabletop can help reduce crowding in corners and visually brighten the dining room.

6. Materials

When choosing table materials, we can first choose various materials that suit our style. Then narrowed down to the ones that met our restaurant needs. For example, if you plan to dine in a restaurant every day and we prefer a table made of wood, then choose a warm and rustic table.

Some common table materials are:

Wooden Table

A wood dining table can be finished in any color or shade, whether it’s a warm country style or a highly polished cherry.

Glass Table

If our room is small, a glass table can eliminate visible light and make it the best choice. Glass table tops can be used with any base, which allows them to be used with many styles. The glass table will also have no problems with being scalded, rotted or soiled.

Metal Table

There are many dining tables made of metal like lacquered, zinc, brass and steel, and metal dining tables are very durable.

Marble Table

The harmonious combination of brass and marble is pleasing to the eye in this feminine marble dining table, whose base draws inspiration from lush bouquets.

7. Usage scenarios

We have to think about where the table will be used, and if it might be used outdoors in the future, we can choose a product that is mobile, lightweight and designed with durable materials, so that we can easily move the table to the balcony or yard .

8. Decoration

Our interior decoration had to match the desired table design. For example, the dining table we will choose must complement the lighting and centerpieces. In addition, there are some dining tables with matching dining chairs and other components.

Well, that’s it for how to choose the perfect dining table. After reading this article, I believe you already have a favorite dining table in your mind!

If you have any questions about the table, please leave a message in the comment area~


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