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How To Choose A Suitable Coffee Table ( Coffee Table Size Introduction )

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Coffee tables and chairs are tools for people to enjoy a good free time, coffee tables have many functions, you can put books, magazines, drinks and food, and even play games on them. Then how to choose a suitable coffee table , let’s learn about the purchase points and size of the coffee table together!

1. How to choose the right coffee table

  • 1. Carefully measure the size of the living room and surrounding furniture before purchasing to ensure the size of the coffee table required. If you have a large living room, then you need a large coffee table. In addition, a bench seat can be placed on one end of the coffee table and two small stools can be placed on the other end to fill the gap.
  • 2. If your living room has two sofas or more sofas, you might as well choose two coffee tables of the same style to avoid the inconvenience of handling items. This arrangement makes it easier for people to move their eyes.
  • 3. If you don’t want the coffee table to be the visual focus in the living room, you can choose a coffee table with a glass top, and the color of the wooden frame is similar to the color of other items in the room, so as to distract the line of sight.
  • 4. For a living room with seats all around, a round coffee table is the choice, regardless of primary or secondary, to ensure that it can be touched in any direction.
  • 5. If you like retro style, you can choose such an antique trolley as a coffee table, which can create a strong retro feeling. When buying, you must pay attention to checking the pulleys to prevent scratching the floor or carpet.

2, the coffee table size introduction

  • 1. Square coffee table

760mm x 760mm square table and 1070mm x 760mm rectangular table are common coffee table sizes. If the chair can reach the bottom of the table, a six-seat coffee table can usually be placed without a lot of space. When using, just pull the coffee table out a little. The width of 760mm coffee table is a standard size, at least not less than 700mm, otherwise, the coffee table will touch each other’s feet when sitting opposite. The feet of the coffee table are shrunk in the middle. It is very inconvenient if the four feet are arranged at the four corners. The height of the coffee table is generally 710mm, with a seat with a height of 415mm. The lower the desktop, the more convenient it will be to use.

  • 2. Round coffee table

In general small and medium-sized houses, if a coffee table with a diameter of 1200mm is often too large, a round coffee table with a diameter of 1140mm can be customized, which can also seat 8-9 people, but it looks more spacious. If a coffee table with a diameter of more than 900mm is used, although more people can be seated, it is not advisable to place too many fixed chairs. For example, a coffee table with a diameter of 1200mm can be crowded with 8 chairs. Can put 4-6 chairs. When there are many people, the folding chair can be used again, and the folding chair can be stored in the storage room.

How to choose a suitable coffee table will be introduced here, I believe that now you have a certain understanding of how to choose a suitable coffee table!

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