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Furniture Customized Or Made On- Site

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In decoration, furniture is indispensable to us. This kind of furniture is very important, so furniture is customized or made on site. Although customized furniture is very common on site , there are still many people who doubt it and think that it is more real for carpenters to make wardrobes on site. So, which of the two is better? Let us give you a comparison, is the furniture custom made or made on site ? What are the precautions for custom wardrobes?

1. Is the furniture customized or made on site ?

  • 1. Space utilization

On-site wardrobe: the space utilization rate is very high, especially the special shape (slope) has obvious advantages.

Customized furniture: Customized furniture can make full use of every inch of space, whether it is corner, beam, top or three-dimensional space utilization is better

  • 2. Processing method

On-site production of wardrobes: On-site processing, the plan can be modified at any time, but the whole process is completed at home, and the noise and garbage pollution is relatively large.

Customized furniture: It is factory processed, and the on-site data needs to be measured by the designer. 100% cannot be wrong, but the finished product is clean and easy to install after customization.

  • 3. Purchase and design

Carpentry wardrobe: The master usually communicates materials directly with the owner, but due to the different quality of carpentry, the functional satisfaction is slightly insufficient. The carpenter is generally led by the decoration team, and the staff mobility is relatively large.

Customized furniture: You need to go to the exhibition hall to see samples, which is more troublesome. After the sales staff understand the needs of customers, they will send designers or communicate directly with the store designers. Some strong brands generally require sales staff to understand design and installation, and have rich experience. Due to strong professionalism, the staff Flow is small.

  • 4. Processing cycle

Woodworking wardrobe: At this point, the woodworking wardrobe has an absolute advantage. Generally speaking, it can be done within three working days at most.

Customized furniture: The processing cycle is long, generally requires a better brand 25-35 days, the cycle is relatively long, and you need to wait patiently.

  • 5. Fineness

Woodworking wardrobe: It has a lot to do with the craftsmanship of the master. The owner is required to visit the production site at any time to understand the actual situation of the product.

Custom Furniture: Generally speaking, custom furniture is more elaborate than woodworking wardrobes because they have professional equipment and advanced assembly lines.

2. Precautions for custom wardrobes

  • 1. Customized wardrobes can make full use of the bedroom space, and can be completely designed according to the actual situation of the owner. Both appearance and use can fully reflect the individual needs. Therefore, some large furniture such as wardrobes should be customized and processed. It should be a trend. But the biggest risk of custom furniture is that the purchase cannot fully predict the state of the finished product, so it must be carefully considered when determining the design plan. Generally, business designers will design a map for you according to the size and your wishes. Many people sign and confirm because they feel tired, and later Product installation found errors.
  • 2. Therefore, the design drawings must be carefully read. In fact, it is very simple. Let the designer give a little explanation to understand. If there is an inappropriate request to change, this time, I can’t feel that it is always embarrassing for the designer to change.
  • 3. Due to the particularity of customized products, they are generally not returned, so you must investigate clearly before paying the deposit, especially for the pricing method, custom furniture is generally not only charged by square meters, but all hardware is also charged separately, so it is best to wait for product drawings. And the price list comes out, confirm to deliver the deposit. Drawings and lists should be attached to the contract as accessories, plates and other accessories, and the brand and model should be indicated one by one.

The above is the content of furniture customization or on-site doing for you today, probably your furniture customization or on-site understanding, I hope this article can bring you some help,

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