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About Solid Wood Used In China Furniture Factory

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1. Furniture material

Wood is one of the most widely distributed materials in nature. It’s light, strong, with a natural and beautiful texture, and easy to process. It is the most commonly used traditional material in the China furniture factories.

As solid wood is in shortage, many engineered panels and composite materials exist to replace solid wood.

China furniture manufacturers widely use engineered panels.

Some fast-growing wood has been transformed into new types of wood. And there are glass, metal etc. used in furniture making to increase the beautify of furniture.

Some engineered boards are attached with beech, ash, black cherry, and walnut veneer in beautiful textures.

Solid wood furniture is usually structured with tenons and grooves. The accessories in solid wood furniture are luxurious and elegant.

In modern solid wood furniture, solid wood is still the primary material. But it also uses abundant other materials.

In china furniture factories, there are primary materials and auxiliary materials,

The primary materials include natural timber and engineered boards.

The auxiliary material includes glass, metal, plastic, bamboo, rattan, adhesives, hardware, coatings, etc.

With the advancement of science and technology, more and more new materials exist.

In China’s modern furniture industry, there is a lot of furniture.

Each material has its unique performance and corresponding technical points.

2. The solid wood types used in furniture

Wood is one of the oldest materials used by people. As early as an ancient civilization, wood was indispensable and faithful to people’s life.

It can be made into tools to drive wild animals away and build a dwelling.

Nowadays, with highly developed industrial technology and many new materials emerging. Yet solid wood, as an ancient and vital material, has not withdrawn from the stage of history.

Instead, it has become more indispensable because it is environmentally friendly and reproducible.

Especially as a favourite furniture material, wood has always played an almost irreplaceable role.

Solid wood furniture has the wood’s physical characteristics – sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation and indoor humidity adjustment, etc.

More importantly, solid wood furniture brings human physiological and psychological comfort with its gorgeous colour, texture and lustre.

Wood is a natural organism. The properties of different tree species are different.

There are many kinds of wood, and there are more than 7,000 kinds in China alone.

With the increase of imported wood in recent years, there are more varieties of wood.

Its properties are quite different, even if it is the same tree species or even different parts of the same tree.

To better use wood, it is necessary to understand some basic knowledge related to wood.

3. Compared with other materials, solid wood has the following unique characteristics:

① wood has natural colours and beautiful patterns for good decoration. And it is easy to coloured and painted.

Different species of wood have different lustres and patterns.

The same wood has different colours and patterns due to different origins and climates.

Even the wood of the same tree will have different lustres and textures due to different processing methods.

The painting effect on different wood with different fibres and performances will be different.

②Wood has excellent processability

It is Easy to process, such as saw, plane, cut, mill, punch, carve, etc.

Therefore, there are a variety of components of classical solid wood furniture, such as the beautifully decorated oval-shaped rotating wooden chair legs in the Baroque style and the classical column chair legs in the French neoclassical style that shrink from top to bottom.

Solid wood can be processed with simple tools. They are much easier to process than steel, stone and other materials.

Wood can quickly and firmly connect with glue, nails, screws and tenons.

③Wood has a high strength-to-weight ratio

the wood’s strength to weight ratio is high. The weight is light, and the force is relatively large.

④Wood has good elasticity and toughness

It can withstand specific shocks and vibrations.

⑤Wood is insulating and has very little conductivity to electricity and heat

Dry wood has good electrical insulation properties. But as the moisture content of wood increases, its electrical conductivity increases accordingly.

⑥Wood has the characteristics of dry shrinking and wet expanding

The wood size, shape and strength will change when the ambient environment temperature and humidity change. It may even crack and deform due to temperature and humidity changes.

⑦Wood has anisotropy and variability

The structure and properties are different and uneven in the three directions.

Anisotropy means the structure and physical and mechanical properties in different texture directions differ.

Variability means the same tree species in different origins and environments or parts of the same tree have different physical mechanical properties.

⑧Wood burns easily

Thin wood shavings are easy to burn. But larger wood is more difficult to burn. The larger the size, the less likely it is to burn.

⑨ wood is prone to discolouration and decay

Wood will be discoloured and decayed by bacteria, which will destroy the structure of the wood and reduce its value.

⑩The growth process of the tree is relatively long. the diameter is limited, and there are natural defects such as knots and scars

Usually, we will beautify the defects when making furniture.

On the other hand, we intend to show the defect to show the wood’s nature, simplicity, and roughness.

For example, we use pine wood with knots to make natural furniture and different colour of hearts and sapwood to make unique furniture.

Solid Wood is not only used as a basic furniture material. It can also be used to make many diverse pieces of furniture.

It can be used to produce the following types of furniture: cabinets, carvings, furniture for the living room, dining room, bedroom and office.

The benefits of solid Wood furniture include its natural properties, easy processability, and high strength-to weight ratio among others.

Solid Wood furniture has a significant economic and social impact on people’s lives. It’s not just a simple material anymore.

It is not just about furniture. It is about people’s lives.

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